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Artist - Anuradha Thakur


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Anuradha Thakur, Ahmednagar

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ABOUT Anuradha Thakur

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Few possess a heart so simple which can take the wryest of criticism, like rain, pouring gently to nourish growth without destroying the roots. Artist Anuradha is one such being who took criticism in her stride and how! Once criticised by a famous artist for her traditional style, Anuradha’s strokes of yore now adorn the office of the present Prime Minister of India. Her style as well as theme is bespoke of rural and tribal India, where she believes, lay the true spirit of our country. Her tryst with tribal life began in her childhood in Maharashtra. Her extended rendezvous includes extensive travels to the remote regions of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Sikkim, Assam, Manipur and Nepal where she explored tribes like Rabari’s of Kutch (Gujarat), Bhill and Bhilal, Jhabua tribes, giving her valuable insights into tribal lifestyle. Dauntless as she is, she uses the colour black fearlessly; not muting it but letting it speak from the centre. But black and white are not the only shades that her canvases wear. Her journey to Kutch tempted her towards adding vibrancy to her paintings, while the Jhabua tribe gifted her colour palette ample earthen tones. Yet through all this, the sombre yet stark black stands out.

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Special Features of Artist - Anuradha Thakur

Interview of Anuradha Thakur

By Bharti Sharma

Bharti Sharma: What kindled your affair with art..... Was it the cultural environ of your home or a latent passion that grew with age? Anuradha Thakur: Art came to me as a natural calling. I belong to a family of singers and musicians. I grew up listening to my mother’s songs and my un...

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The work was up to the expectations and original. Justified the order more than I expected..IAC made it easier to buy authentic artwork at reasonable prices.

Date: 09 Nov 2013
By Himadri Bora,Dubai, 182

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