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Artist - Sumantra Mukherjee


Sumantra Mukherjee, Kolkata

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ABOUT Sumantra Mukherjee

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The images displayed are majorly watercolors, oil sketches and charcoal on paper, painted in a representational style. These works are the study and understanding of the natural and architectural landscapes, enriching his academic practices and the experiences thus helping open new doors of experimentation. Though these works cannot be identified as definite individual language of an artist in recent times, still a painter’s experience of absorbing a landscape always induces within him a feeling of involvement and realization. He enjoys working with this kind of image making where the atmosphere he experiences, feels and sees is translated on to paper through his reaction to the surroundings. His selection of these mediums for the landscaped were primarily due to the characteristics of watercolor to capture the brilliance of light in layers, oil sketches for the prominence of brush marks that narrate movement and charcoal for its depth and primitivity. The works displayed in this exhibition represent the time span between 2008 and 2013.

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Interview of Sumantra Mukherjee

By Raoul Lornie

Raoul Lornie - What appeals to you most about painting 'en plein air’ while most artists are content painting in their studios? Sumantra Mukherjee - Painting in open air - is like a Princely habit, and we as art practitioners are lucky to enjoy such a luxury under the sun. The ...

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Date: 28 Jul 2015
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