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Joydeep Chatterjee 

Joydeep Chatterjee's artworks represent a genre that is young as well as fearless at the same time. With a strong sense of drawing, the artist dips his brush into bright oils, and splashes them onto the canvas.

Artworks available for sale :

Behind The Surface
Lot no: 53905

Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size (inches): 30X24
Price: INR 50,000 / $1,019
Beyond The Surface
Lot no: 53904

Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size (inches): 36X36
Price: INR 65,000 / $1,324
Desperate Move - II
Lot no: 53902

Medium: Acrylic & Oil on..
Size (inches): 47X42
Price: INR 75,000 / $1,528
In Between
Lot no: 53901

Medium: Acrylic on Canva..
Size (inches): 42X47
Price: INR 75,000 / $1,528