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Jayaram B 

Jayaram's expressions are a concoction of the past, with the timeless meeting point of present with the future. He captures the inner psychological subtleties of the middle class characters that he meets daily in the metro city. Free flowing, sometimes crafty, poetic, draftsman ship like exquisite line drawings and prints are used to etch out the insight and thoughts of the characters.

Artworks available for sale :

Lot no: 53106

Medium: Mixed Media on C..
Size (inches): 22X17
Price: INR 40,000 / $815
Lot no: 53038

Medium: Pencil on Paper
Size (inches): 22X28
Price: INR 40,000 / $815
Kite And Women
Lot no: 53037

Medium: Acrylic on Acryl..
Size (inches): 12X15
Price: INR 18,000 / $367
Lot no: 53036

Medium: Acrlyic on Canva..
Size (inches): 23X29
Price: INR 40,000 / $815
Lot no: 53035

Medium: Mixed Media on C..
Size (inches): 14X16
Price: INR 30,000 / $611