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Aradhna Tandon 

Love, desire, illusion, reality, harmony, compassion, meditation - Aradhna Tandon’s paintings cast a 360 degree net to encompass various hues of human emotions. The artworks, employing a deft narrative of semi-figurative human forms and elements of nature, bring to life a colourful kaleidoscope of human relationship, its inherent drama and the overarching pursuit of the individual to attain inner harmony.

Artworks available for sale :

Celebrating Life
Lot no: 53524

Medium: Oil & Acrylic on..
Size (inches): 48X48
Price: INR 92,000 / $1,874
Lot no: 41921

Medium: Acrylic on Canva..
Size (inches): 14X11
Price: INR 33,000 / $672

Artworks by the artists lying in possession of Collectors :

Foot Loose
Lot no: 568

Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size (inches): 24X45
Lot no: 567

Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size (inches): 28X38

Artworks sold through Indianartcollectors :

Women Series WS06
Lot no: 2440

Medium: Acrylic on Canva..
Size (inches): 16X20