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Anwar Husain 

A Pune based artist, Anwar Husain's works are an alchemy of the historic past, with the present culture of globalization. Inspired by the richness of the town where he hails from, grandeur is a common element in most his works. His canvases are views and reminders of his days spent as a child, captured and presented in the by gone style of sepia photography.

Artworks available for sale :

Good Morning
Lot no: 55305

Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size (inches): 30X20
Price: INR 50,000 / $1,019
Lot no: 55304

Medium: Watercolour on P..
Size (inches): 28X20
Price: INR 40,000 / $815
Remembering G.A.
Lot no: 55303

Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size (inches): 16X20
Price: INR 35,000 / $713
Lot no: 55302

Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size (inches): 36X48
Price: INR 70,000 / $1,426
Whispering Silence 15
Lot no: 55301

Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size (inches): 36 X48
Price: INR 70,000 / $1,426

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Ganesha - XVI
Lot no: 27929

Medium: Acrylic on Canva..
Size (inches): 8X6
Lot no: 4588

Medium: Oil on Canvas Bo..
Size (inches): 14X21