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Anjum Siddiqui 

Anjum Siddiqui, who is originally from India, is a Toronto-based artist who has been painting for over two decades. The strong points in her works are drawing and the usage of colour. Anjum uses a wide range of different colours and tones in her paintings, sometimes vibrant and at other times, more subdued. Everyday life and human behavior is what fascinates her and that is what she depicts on canvas.

Artworks available for sale :

Lu Chai
Lot no: 39969

Medium: Oil Pastels on P..
Size (inches): 24X18
Price: INR 35,000 / $713

Artworks sold through Indianartcollectors :

Dhaba Chai
Lot no: 39970

Medium: Acrylic on Canva..
Size (inches): 49X32
Mother And Child 1
Lot no: 24543

Medium: Watercolor on Pa..
Size (inches): 9X12