IndianArtCollectors, founded in 2005, has been the largest and most innovative online art platform in the country. We are strong believers in the transformational power of technology and have long been the pioneering art entity in the country; bringing together artists, collectors, dealers, galleries and resellers onto a single powerful online platform. With a state of the art user experience, and a leading edge art portal backed by some amazing analytics and data, we transform the art shopping experience, empower artists, and provide a huge convenience for those who wish to re-sell their art.

Founded a decade ago, IndianArtCollectors was ahead of its time, bringing to the art world a number of ‘firsts’. It was the first platform to democratize the art buying process, while also empowering the artist; the first platform with a completely transparent pricing and purchase process; the first platform to proactively help collectors re-sell their art. It was the first portal to bring on board galleries and dealers, art critics and writers alike – to bring art to every home. It is now also the first art portal in the country to be backed by cutting-edge technology and data to drive its unique art selection and display process.

Today, IndianArtCollectors is focused on partnering with every art entity, in a multitude of ways. We are driving this participative action by connecting people through technology and by creating a world around art that everyone can relate to. We want everyone to be a part of this art movement.

The people behind IndianArtCollectors

So here’s a look at the people behind IndianArtCollectors.

  • Manisha Lath Gupta

    Manisha Lath Gupta, Founder & CEO

    Manisha, comes with no formal arts background, and no family heritage of arts. She founded IndianArtCollectors in 2005 because of her belief that the art market in India has tremendous unexplored potential, and room for efficiencies. Through IndianArtCollectors, her mission is to bring original art into more homes, and thereby grow the market, while providing a platform to hundreds of fine artists graduating each year from our colleges.

    An IIM Bangalore graduate and the ex-CMO of a leading bank, her formal experience of 18 years is in building businesses and exploding markets. She is focused on building the organization to innovate, to scale, to partner and network, to leverage technology and to build the largest, most comprehensive art platform in the country. She looks out for both the artists and buyers at IndianArtCollectors, and firmly believes that a good company is that which empowers all the stakeholders. Manisha is passionate about art, and combines that with her knowledge of marketing and digital channels to bring a great experience at IndianArtCollectors.

  • Neharika Sabharwal

    Neharika Sabharwal, Sales & Marketing Manager

    Neharika manages the marketing, communications and sales of IndianArtCollectors. A loyalist of the digital world, Neharika believes that the potent sync of technology and communication can bridge any gap in the world today. Not one to be able to draw a straight line, she holds immense regard for artists and wants to give them a seamless platform where their talents can be showcased and appreciated. Her extensive experience in strategizing campaigns for leadings brands makes her a bright and innovative marketer.

  • Jai Kumar Jhakhar

    Jai Kumar Jhakhar, Asst. Manager Accounts & Admin

    The accounts and admin man, Jai runs our office! He pays the bills, the taxes and of course, all the artists. Jai has been working in accounts for several years, and brings world of experience to the IndianArtCollectors team helping us manage the rapidly growing business. Apart from accounts, Jai also manages all the admin, payroll and operational responsibilities of the office.

  • Sarika Makkar

    Sarika Makkar, Asst. Manager Digital Marketing

    An engineer from Kaithal, she is the Digital Marketing lead, and manages all online marketing, email campaigns and digital marketing. She works round the clock to get our artists at IndianArtCollectors the visibility and marketing they deserve among buyers. Sarika brings several years of experience in Digital Marketing to the IndianArtCollectors team.

  • BhartiSharma

    Bharti Sharma, Art Advisor

    Bharti Sharma is the Art Advisor with IndianArtCollectors and helps our buyers find just the right piece of art for their home or office! Bharti answered her creative calling by pursuing graduation in Applied Arts from Government College of Art, Chandigarh. She also holds a Masters degree in Design from NIFT, Mumbai with specialization in Design Space. Design is her passion and space her favorite muse. Armed with a strong aesthetic judgement, Bharti strives to harmonize art and space while recommending works to our buyers.

  • Shaina Minocha

    Shaina Minocha, Social Media Executive

    A young engineer, Shaina handles Social Media Marketing for IndianArtCollectors. She joined IndianArtCollectors in 2013, and has worked in both operations and marketing, which has helped her get a good overview of the business. A personality with a hard-to-find mix of creativity and analytics, she’s found herself a unique niche. She puts IndianArtCollectors out there, in every sense of the word!

Take a look at some of our buyers and what they say about IndianArtCollectors.

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