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We present to you this month a new online show of some great creations of prominent artists in Indian Contemporary art. We feel honoured to exhibit the artworks of proficient abstractionists in our modern art gallery.

For Online Group Exhibition IndianArtCollectors brings a feature titled 'Abstracted Reality'. It is a show where the participating artists have uniquely constructed their canvases through their incomparable imaginative conceptions. Utilizing their individualistic skills they have brought forth some really absorbing artistic productions.

We have with us Stalin PJ as Featured Artist, this fortnight on IndianArtCollectors. Working with the very basic forms aptly ignoring the unnecessary details and ornamentation artist enhances the expressive strength of his work. Texture plays an important role in Stalin's style of expression.

Our team invites all art lovers to come, feel and imbibe this portrayal of distorted realities that are a departure from the actual truth of life, all put together in different shapes, sizes, colours and style. These are the realities that are hidden behind the deceptive garb of abstract surfaces. We are sure these exhibitions will be delightful experiences and give you a different insight towards creativity & modernity.

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